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Our Crew

The Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service is staffed by a dedicated and highly skilled group of pilots, paramedics, police officers and specialised rescue personnel.

Each and every person involved with the Service takes their job extremely seriously - they know they are helping to save lives every day.

The pilots, from Hobart-based company Rotor­Lift Aviation, are fully qualified to fly the rescue helicopter missions in any kind of weather - day or night.

All pilots must have extensive flying experience as well as search and rescue expertise.

The service’s fully trained air crew are members of Tasmania Police, and are the "eyes and ears" for the pilots at the rear of the helicopter and for the winching operators.  

They are responsible for the operation within and surrounding the aircraft, and a crew member always flies out with the chopper on rescue missions.

Tasmania Police also provides qualified and specially trained divers who, in the event of a maritime rescue situation, will be winched out of the helicopter when a person needs to be extracted over water or from a boat that’s in trouble.

The service’s highly qualified paramedics are trained and provided by Ambulance Tasmania.  

In addition to attending to the medical needs of people injured in accidents, the paramedics may also need to be winched down from the helicopter for a medical emergency in an area where the chopper cannot land.

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