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Award Winning Westpac Rescue Helicopter App

26th June, 2017

We are very excited to announce that the wonderful Westpac Rescue Helicopter Schools Program Kids App has been awarded as the Silver Winner of the 2017 Tech Design Awards in the Education Technology category. It won the EdTech category in these awards which is focused on how technology enables and enhances the way we learn and process knowledge. Solutions that enhance the learning experience and increase the user experience were recognized in this category

Proudly presented by Westpac, the Westpac Schools Program App is an app that offers students an opportunity to play and learn, making education fun!

Students have the ability to access the School Program’s much loved digital lessons, and access two play based learning games, Westpac Rescue Rangers and Little Ripper!

The digital lessons have been adapted from our ACARA aligned lesson plans, and have been created for a range of age groups, from Foundation to Year 7. These lessons cover subjects such as Maths in a fun, interactive format that makes learning fun for students of all ages!

In Westpac Rescue Rangers, players pilot a helicopter around a virtual Australian landscape completing missions and rescuing & transporting people to safety while completing an album of their achievements. Players will need to manage resources to keep their helicopter flying and ensure everyone in need is rescued!

Focusing on a specific range of missions, resources and rescue methods, Westpac Rescue Rangers introduces students to resource management, financial literacy activities and interesting rescue methods that teach children about the daily rescues that the Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter Service crew members do in real life.

In Little Ripper the player controls the movement of a drone copter and the release of rescue packages.

The player's goal is to travel as far as possible rescuing every person on screen without missing any. Further to this the game can also be failed by colliding into the terrain.

The game will scroll at a constant x speed and the player will need to balance avoiding terrain while getting close to it in order to be able to easily time the release of deployment of packages. There isn’t any limit on the number of packages that a player can release. But after a package is deployed the player won't be able to release another until a small amount of time has passed.

The player will receive a reward at the end of each game in the form of points to submit to a leader board. This is calculated by the number of people rescued and the accuracy of the delivery of packages as an average.

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