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Concern at misleading donation collection push

18th December, 2020

THE fundraising arm of Tasmania’s Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service is concerned that an interstate aerial rescue operation is fundraising in Tasmania, claiming to be the local service.

The Chair of Westpac Rescue Helicopter Tasmania (WRHT) Tony Harrison said he was door- knocked today by representatives of CareFlight, a New South Wales-based rescue operation, who claimed to be fundraising for the Tasmanian service.

“The collector introduced himself as being from CareFlight, “you know, the rescue helicoptors you see flying around the skies here.”

Mr Harrison said this was deceptive, as CareFlight did not operate in Tasmania. The Tasmanian helicopter rescue service is funded by the Tasmanian Government supported by WRHT’s community fundraising and sponsorship activities.

“We are extremely concerned at this deceptive door-knocking campaign and that Tasmanians may be deceived into donating in the belief that they are supporting this State’s helicopter rescue service,” he said.

“While WRHT actively seeks donations and sponsorships to enhance the Tasmanian service, it does not doorknock.

“It is disappointing that CareFlight’s door-knockers seek to mislead Tasmanians to gain donations. The reality is that any funds collected in this way, do not go to the Tasmanian service. CareFlight should confine its fundraising to its own area of operations.”

The Tasmanian Government funds Westpac Rescue Helicopter missions through the Department of Police and Emergency Management and Ambulance Tasmania. Westpac is the naming rights and major sponsor of the helicopter rescue service and Westpac Rescue Helicopter Tasmania raises funds with support from other sponsors, donations and benefactors to assist in enhancing the service, securing equipment and training.


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