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Meet our unsung heroes

25th July, 2019

"The past week has certainly been a busy one for the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service - not just for the pilots and aircrew, but for our support staff as well. The operation simply wouldn't happen without their commitment and hard work." said Sergeant Rod Stacey of Police Helicopter Operations.

"The professional work of our support staff behind the scenes enable us to do what we do. They keep us in the sky searching, and for us and the people we rescue, they get us back home safely to our families."

Adrian Martin - Rotorlift's Fuel Delivery Support Officer - had to drive through snow and icy conditions to get the refuelling truck to Derwent Bridge on the Tuesday morning and remained on scene all day to provide fuel supply for the three helicopters engaged in the search operations.
Gerard Corbin - one of the Rotorlift engineers - and his team of engineers also have had a busy week completing the normal engineering requirements to keep all helicopters flying.

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