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A new brand, a new name and busy summer ahead as The Westpac Rescue Helicopter Tasmania readies for take-off

13th November, 2015

After months of planning and effort, Tasmania’s weapon in the state’s ongoing effort to ensure the safety of the thousands of people exploring its wilderness, the Westpac Rescue Helicopter officially relaunched with the exciting announcement of ongoing sponsorship support from Westpac.

The Westpac Rescue Helicopter Base transformed into a glittering showcase for the evening as representatives from both government and corporate and most importantly the Westpac rescue Helicopter Crew came together to celebrate the launch ahead of what promises to be a challenging summer bushwalking and boating season ahead.


Westpac Rescue Tasmania Chairman Scott Wilson-Haffenden, Commissioner for Police, Darren Hine, Inspector Lee Renshaw and Deputy Mayor of Clarence City Council, Jock Campbell were among the crowd gathered to hear confirmation of Westpac’s ongoing support of the service until 2017, having supported the Tasmanian service since 2005. The announcement is a significant factor contributing to the safety of all those who are drawn to and experience the stunning wilderness that brings people to Tasmania from all over the world.

Thanks to Westpac’s ongoing support, the Rescue Helicopter  service in Tasmania will to be there for those in need of rescuing 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

"The rebranding of the Westpac Rescue Helicopter in Tasmania, will see it become part of the already existing fleet of 17 Westpac Rescue Helicopters which is a really exciting time for the service," said Westpac Rescue Tasmania Chairman Scott Wilson-Haffenden, announcing the ongoing support.

Those at the launch heard that critical to the ongoing success of the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Tasmania service is the skill and critical thinking employed by the crew as they put themselves in danger during search and rescue missions. The work of the crew in carrying out 1,322 search and rescue missions in Tasmania in the past five years was not lost on Westpac Rescue Helicopter Tasmania Board member, Josie O’Brien, who was herself rescued by the service in when she faced a life-threatening medical situation during a bushwalking trek across Tasmania’s Overland track in October, 2012.

"I’m delighted about Westpac‘s reaffirmed support of the vital service," she said at the launch, surrounded by people actively involved with the Service that saved her life. You can read more about Josie’s personal rescue story in the rescue stories section of the website.

In more exciting news for the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Tasmania service, this year, season three of Air Rescue will showcase the vital work of the service at the Tasmanian base, highlighting some of the dangers faced on land and at sea. The series will premiere the season in December, providing a profile boost for the service as it focuses on raising public support through donations and fundraising efforts.

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