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New State-of-the-art helmets purchased for helicopter rescue crew

18th May, 2022


Tasmania’s helicopter rescue charity has provided $25,000 to purchase an additional five state-of-the-art helmets for Westpac Rescue Helicopter crew members.

The Gallet helmets feature enhanced ergonomics, adjustable interior fittings that provide superior comfort and reduce fatigue, as well as additional safety features such as expanded field of vision and wider head movement.

The helmets, each costing $5,000, are fitted with active noise reduction systems to reduce external sound and to allow clearer communication both within the helicopter cabin and using external radio communications.

They are designed to incorporate night vision goggle (NVG) mounts, crucially important during night rescue operations.

The helmets will be used by recently appointed police helicopter aircrew and Rotor-Lift pilots and provide enhanced safety and efficiency for Tasmania’s vital helicopter rescue service.

The Tasmanian Government funds Westpac Rescue Helicopter missions through the Department of Police, Fire and Emergency Management and Ambulance Tasmania.

The charity, Westpac Rescue Helicopter Tasmania (WRHT) raises funds with support from Westpac, other sponsors, community donations and benefactors to assist in enhancing the service, securing specialist search and rescue equipment and training.

The purchase of the helmets is just one example of the valuable equipment provided through WRHT’s sponsorship and community fundraising activities.

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