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Dave Ervin

Deputy Chief Pilot

Dave Ervin has packed a lot of flying into an aviation career that began in the RAAF and has taken him all over the world.

First exposed to helicopters as an RAAF aircraft engineer, earning his wings as a pilot became Dave’s dream and his career goal.

After building up his experience in the civil aviation sector, Dave’s work as a helicopter pilot has since taken him across Australia and around the world, with a career that includes membership of peace-keeping forces, fire fighting and now search and rescue.

“Flying search and rescue in Tasmania is a critical junction of motivation and professionalism.  

It is an incredibly demanding job and you see this deep down passion for search and rescue right across the crew.  I think it’s that passion, as well as our determination to bring everyone home safely, that makes this team what it is.”

George Town born, Dave has relished his return to Tasmania, and the opportunity to bring his years of training and experience to bear, in such a critical field.

He is part of a highly-professional crew of pilots, air crew, ground crew, police, paramedics and divers that covers Tasmania’s often remote coastline and rugged inland terrain 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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