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Emsada Babic

Emsada Babic


Emsada is the Tasmanian Manager for Sensys Gatso Australia (SGA), a global provider of traffic safety systems.  

Emsada has extensive experience in the areas of economic analysis, policy advice, regulatory governance and technology and resource management, from a career spanning over 30 years in the State Service.  

Previous appointments include senior Director and executive policy roles with Department of Treasury and the Department of Police Fire and Emergency Management. As Deputy Secretary, Corporate and Governance Division, of the Department of Treasury and Finance, she was responsible for corporate risk management and governance, project management, human resources and information technology. 

As Director Technology Services, she was involved the administration and contract management of the Trunk Mobile Radio Network; information technology & security and the merger of the Communication Services business units (mobile radio, paging and telemetry) of Tasmania Fire Service and Police into a combined Communication Services and Technology Unit with the Department of Police Fire and Emergency Services.

She holds a Bachelor of Economics Degree (University of Tasmania).

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