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Westpac Rescue Helicopter Tasmania - Paramedic Peter Hampton

Peter Hampton

Intensive Care Flight Paramedic

Peter Hampton is one of the key paramedics with Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service crew, having clocked up 2000 flying hours with the service since joining in 1987.  He joined Ambulance Tasmania in 1983 and has seen a lot of changes to the service since that time.

"Accompanied by defined operating procedures, two-person winch capacity and integrated crew management systems, we have been able to continue to define our operations and responsibilities of crew members," Peter says.

"Night vision goggles have also changed the dynamics of helicopter rescues in Tasmania."

As a highly trained paramedic Peter is confident and eminently capable to fly out on any sort of mission, but he is well aware of the dangers of his job.

"Part of the deal being a paramedic is to be winched down," he says. "We leave the aircraft sometimes in very bad conditions. It is a dangerous environment."

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