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Rescue Stories

Over the Cliff's Edge

September 6, 2018

Rod is part of a bushwalking group who get together once a month for various walks. On the day of the accident the group were up behind Brighton, when about half way through the walk Rod said to the fellow behind, “just be careful, this rock’s a little loose.” As he went to move it...

Mountain of Pain

June 19, 2018

Wendy was preparing for a camel trek in Central Australia when she had the accident. Her training regime was strict, and this particular day she and two girlfriends had decided to walk the Mills track on Mount Wellington. Despite it being mid-Summer there was mist down at the...

Three Days from Anywhere - Dav's Story

June 19, 2018

 In March of 2017 Dav and his wife Kelly began their much-anticipated 8-day Overland track walk. On the third day, with just 3 kilometres further to go, Dav tripped over an exposed tree root. With the weight of his pack propelling him forward he didn’t have time put his hand or...

The Wrong River

June 15, 2018

Leanne and her partner Jon, an experienced outdoorsman, had been exploring the West Coast in their 4WD when they stopped for what was meant to be a quick 5-minute walk to an old water diversion tunnel. “On the way back we were laughing and joking”, Leanne says, “and not really...

Snowy Range Blizzard Stops Walker in his Tracks

July 10, 2017

On Saturday 24th September 2016, Ian Cantle, an experienced solo walker, embarked on a weekend bush walk/snow trip, complete with snow shoes. Ian knew this walk and its challenges.He was due back the next day, Sunday.Before long, Ian was in the middle of a white out blizzard and 100...

Falling Rock Hits Man at Loongana Range

May 23, 2017

Four days into the walk, the track makes a steep ascent out of the canyon to Griffiths Ridge on the Loongana Range. At the base of the ascent beside the river, a heavy fixed rope had been placed to assist walkers. As Denis was about to commence his ascent up the rope he was hit on...

Injured Walker Rescued at Frenchmans Cap

April 27, 2016

In the stunning wilderness of the Franklin Gordon Wild Rivers National Park and World Heritage Area, Frenchman’s Cap is the highest and most prominent peak.On day 4, equipped with small summit packs and setting out in fine weather, Marc and his companions set out to conquer the...


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