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Bushwalker Rescue

Plan your hiking journey carefully to avoid possible dangers. But, if you’re in need of the Westpac Rescue Helicopter you can help us by providing precise information about the injured person, your exact location and weather conditions.

Tasmania’s lush, beautiful wilderness is a magnet for bushwalkers from all over the world. With our open valleys, magnificent coastal views and World Heritage Areas, it’s no wonder thousands travel here each year.

Unfortunately, some hikers run into trouble and, whether through accident, unexpected weather conditions or poor preparation, need the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service to help them out.

Here are our top tips to be as prepared as you can before setting off, and how to assist us in the event that we are called out to help you.

Plan your bushwalk carefully

  • Plan your trip including estimating the length of your journey and the stages to be undertaken each day;
  • Check the weather forecast to determine if your trek can be undertaken safely and within your planned timeframe;
  • Advise a responsible person of your timetable and route and give them a copy of your itinerary, the names of persons in the party and equipment you’re taking;
  • Sign on and off the log books at the beginning and end of your journey;

How to assist with a rescue

  • When requesting a rescue, give as much as information as possible about the injured person, particularly the nature of their injury, any symptoms of illness and medication they may have taken;
  • Be precise about your location and advise the Westpac Rescue Helicopter of the prevailing weather conditions;
  • Pack up everyone’s gear and and ensure you don’t leave anything loose as it may be caught up in the rotor wash of the helicopter when it arrives.

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