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Therese Taylor

Therese Taylor

Therese has extensive leadership and governance experience built through a career spanning 30 years in Executive positions in Government, Business and the Not for Profit sector. With a diverse portfolio career, she has held Executive positions in the Tasmanian Departments of Education and Economic Development.  Most recently, for a number of years, Therese was CEO of Colony 47 where she described it as a privilege to lead a respected Tasmanian community organisation.  

She has in depth knowledge and experience in strategy, policy, planning, delivery systems, funding sources, philanthropy, and performance. She had led significant organisational change and managed complex operations.

Committed to community and social justice, Therese also has extensive experience in governance as a Director and Chair on a diverse range of Boards, including in the diverse fields of Health, Education, Arts and Culture, Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens and now ofcourse as Chair of Heli Rescue Tasmania.

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